Monday, May 26, 2008

Napa, CA - Bright and Sunny

So, we are now living it up in good ol' wine country Napa Valley, CA. Dan is off to a slow start as expected with his sales. But he's made a few already, so he's right on track to make millions for the summer. Danielle does what she can to fill time during the day with the girls while Dan is gone all day. The local park and community pool helps a lot.

Dan and Ali:

Ali has taken the liberal Bay Area spirit to heart, and is quite the tree hugger now:

Aubrey and her (2nd) cousin, Boston, like to chill together in the shade:

Ali's "sad" face with a hair full of static from the slide:

Ali is almost a little girl now (turns two on June 23rd):

Our family in our new apartments in Napa:

Although it's tough days for the both of us, overall, we love it here, and are enjoying the experience. More pictures to come...