Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Pics...

Here's a few pre-Halloween pics (and then some...).

Aubrey wears Grandma out:
Dave and Steph and the girls:
They aspire one day to be just like their mother:

Ali on the Batman ride at Halloween Town:

Mom and the girls on the boat ride at Halloween Town:

Granmda and the girls on the ferris wheel at Halloween Town:
The Pink One:
The Yellow One:
Grandma and Grandpa:
Horsey rides with Grandpa:

Aubrey's watching her weight. She's put on a few pounds:
Grandma won 1st place in her age group in the 5K:
Aubrey won for best smile at the 5K:
Hugs are abundant at the Bollard household:
Lead me, guide me...:
We love Killer Bunnies (the game, not actual killer bunnies):

First of three Trunk-or-Treats:
Dad and Aubrey:
Caden and Ali:
Aubrey and the spider:
Danielle and Cameron:
Danielle still has a few inches on him:
Dan and Cole carving pumpkins:
Ali loves the trampoline (at Eric and Deanna's house):
More pumpkin carvin':

Danielle's pumpkin (Pooh Bear):

Pooh Bear Pumpkin:

Seth and Lindsay carving with us:

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tired girl...

Aubrey strives to stay awake whilst eating her applesuace: