Tuesday, September 8, 2009

July '09

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Someday, my prince...:

Scary Princess:

A tragedy occurs...:

A tragedy remedied...:

Ali blowing bubbles:
Ruby and Ali (and Aubrey):
-Fourth of July in Bob's Backyard-
Ali and Grandpa watching fireworks:

Betsy and Aubrey:

Grandma and Ali:

Lindsay and Ali and sparklers:

Ali posing:

Hiding in the clothes racks:

-Dan's Trip to Cleveland/Kirtland-
Dan at the Kirtland Temple:

Amish Country:

Horse buggies on the street:

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame:

Big Guitars:

Cars hangin' from ceilings:

Dan Bollard and Chris McDermott rock the Hall of Fame:

-Aubrey and Ali's Joint Princess Birthday Party (Ages 2 and 3)-
Aubrey excited:

Grandma's homemade castle cake (yeah, that's right, she made it...)

Sleeping Beauty (apparently mute) and Prince Philip (the life of the party):

Princess Party Participants:

Game time:

Nap time:

Aubrey putting on make-up with Princess Aurora:

Princess Popeye:

The gang with their balloon animals:

Birthday Girls:

Happy Birthday to Aunt Jean too (97 years old?):

Uncle Craig and the nieces:

Abby (Marie's daughter) and the girls:

LOL! Dad made all the kids wait until he had cleaned the pool spotless before they could go in. Good times...:

Present-opening excitement:


Pioneer Day parade in Las Vegas:

Sporty Aubrey:

Sporty Ali:

The next Britney Spears?

Ali - Baby One More Time:

The next-next Britney Spears?

Aubrey - Baby one More Time:

Cute school girls:

Dinner Time?:

No, not Ali...:

Funny Face time with mommy:

-Ali of Many Faces-





Ready for the moon:

The brushing of teeth: